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Socom II Glitches

Here Are My Favorite Socom II Online Glitches

Claymore Jump Onto Terr. Spawn Roof
There is a box at the glitch room on the ground. jump on the box and plant a claymore facing the building that u climb onto go all the way to the edge near the window. put your left shoulder against the wall and have a foot hanging off.then just blow your claymore.

Lock The Guns:
To lock the guns u have to have your weponary looking like this. 1.any primary
2.any pistol
ok then u go up to any turret in crouch with your pistol out.pull your cord/hit standby then pick your m67 claymores/pmns then your m67s go back to your pistol and put your cord bake in or turn back on standby and runn away from the turret. Then start shooting like crazy

Prone Slide:
1.go up to any ladder with your claymores/pmns out
2.climb the ladder half way
3.slide down and while sliding hold r1 to plant
4.while hes planting hold triangle
5.ok when he is starting to stand up from planting start tapping climb to get back on the ladder
6.when he gets back on quickly get back off and there you have it
PS only other people can see you doing it not you

invisible box climb:
1.stand next to any box and run along side it. the very end were the box stop jump then hit climb
3.your person will do this really wierd jump when he does this just hold up and u have it.
1.go next to a box and hit your stanby the invisible box climb and pull yourself up
3.while pulling yourself up turn standby back on and wait till the lag catches back up.

C4 As Primary:
1.go up to a c4 door with a ledge
2.put one foot off the edge were u can see plant c4
3.plant c4 and turn so that u fall off and u will have c4 as primary
Run Wuth AT-4/RPG
1.Get C4 As Primary
2.Connect To A turret
3.after 1 or 2 mins u will be able to shoot your primary out of the turret
4. disconnect from turret
5.take out RPG/AT-4

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