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Majic/Lag Switch

How To Make A Majic/Lag Switch
I Am Not Responisble For What You Do With Your Ethernet Cord

Tools Needed

You Need A Screwdriver, Scissors, Or Stripping Tool. Not Required, But Useful: Tape, and Some Kind Of Box To Mount Switch In

Any Kind Of Switch (Buy At Lowes, Home Depot )

You Can Buy A Cheap Switch At Home Depot, Lowes, RadioShack, Wal-Mart, And Other Simaler Stores. It Doesnt Have To Be A Ligt Switch. I've Used A Dimmer Switch Before, And I Could Adjust My Lag, But Id Did'nt Work Most Of The Time, So I'd Reccomend Not To!

Ethernet Cord, Have A Spare One Just In Case

You Can Get A Really Nice, Cheap Ethernet Cord At GameStop.  You Can Get Two 25' Ethernet Cords, And A Connector To Connect Them Both, To Make One 50' Cord. This All Comes In One Pack. You Can Also Get Them At  Wal-Mart, Meijer, Circuit City, Best Buy, RadioShack, And Other Simaler Stores.


Get Some Kind Of Cutting Tool, And Cut Open The Insulation On The Cord. DO NOT CUT THE WIRES INSIDE OF IT!!


Now, There Are About 10 Mini-Wires In It, for Some People The Solid Orange Wire Doesnt Work, And If This Applies For You, Use The Solid Green Wire. If You Have A Router, Read The Instructions On The Bottom


There, Now You Have Succesfully Made A Majic Switch, Make Sure When Your Trying To Get Online, Thats Its Swtiched On! If It Doesn't Work Very Well,Try A New Switch, Or Switch To The Opposite Color Wire, (GREEN, Or ORANGE) Or Just Simply Have A Friend Who Has A Good One Make One For You!


If You Have A Router, Then The Majic Switch Might Not Work As Well, Some People Say That If You Do Have A Router, Then Hook The Switch From Your Modem To The Router, DON'T, This Only Confuses The Router. And It Will Screw Up Everything Hooked Up To The Router. Thats All! Have Fun Majic Killing!

And There, You've Done It! Now You Can Easily Kill All Those People Who Lag Really Bad!